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Do You Need to Buy Bitcoin In Africa?: Use these Safe Tools & Platforms

Bitcoin adoption in Africa begins with access to safe tools, programs and platforms. Fortunately there are plenty of reputable cryptocurrency exchanges that operate on the Continent.

Here is a list of reputable resources that support customers in Nigeria and all across Africa. **Denotes the exchanges that are founded and/led by Africans.

Africa Centered Cryptocurrency Exchanges/Platforms: Bitnob**, Patricia**, Helicarrier**, Paxful**, Binance, Machankura**

Bitcoin can be purchased safely on platforms called exchanges in several countries in Africa using the platforms listed above. Many of these platforms are growing their presence -so check back often. If you can't find a place to purchase Bitcoin in your African countries - email us. maybe we can help! (

Africa Centered Bitcoin Education Programs/Courses: Qala

Bitcoin also represents a significant career development opportunity for African professionals in all stages of their careers. Aspiring Bitcoin software developers should consider the following Bitcoin developer program, Qala is a program designed to train the next generation of African Bitcoin and Lightning developers. The program is full-time and includes stipends for participants. Qala's goal is to create a pathway for African software developers to transition into building for Bitcoin and Lightning. The core program is a fully funded 13 week experience where you get to immerse in building bitcoin & lightning applications while being positioned for and matched with jobs around the world.

Africa Centered Bitcoin Wallet: Fedi**

After you purchase your Bitcoin, you will need a safe place store your Bitcoin for the long-term. Check out Fedi's community custody option. Fedi, powered by Fedimint, allows anyone to use Bitcoin easily, securely, and collaboratively.

Africa Centered Bitcoin Content & Information: African Exchange Websites

Finding African centered Bitcoin content is also a key part of deepening your Bitcoin learning journey. Start with the education section of your favorite African Bitcoin exchange. these organizations have a vested interest in making sure you have a great experience. Finding reputable courses and classes for Bitcoin education is also a very important aspect of adoption. Many exchanges have culturally relevant learning materials available on their websites.Stay tuned to our YouTube, Twitter, and website for more African focused content. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter.



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