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Bitcoin in
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A Digital BTC Education Show

The Voice of Bitcoin in Africa

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Signal Hill Cape Town South Africa

New BTC Only Episode Every Month!

The mission of the Bitcoin In Africa Show  is to expand the narrative of Bitcoin by giving voice to innovators and early adopters that are leading the Bitcoin Revolution across Africa.  We lead conversations that amplify the fintech founders, developers, influencers, and ecosystem builders that are an integral part of Africa's Bitcoin story. 

The Bitcoin In Africa Show provides educational, insightful, and thoughtful conversations to deepen our audience's understanding of the global use case of Bitcoin in Africa.

We connect with Bitcoin only StartUp Founders, Bitcoin core developers, ecosystem builders, and experts to tell Africa's Bitcoin story.

Bitcoin the future of money --and Africa is the future of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin represents a tool for social and human rights justice across Africa. It is permission-less, censorship resistant, financial freedom money for the people.

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Masai People in Zanzibar Tanzania
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Learn About Bitcoin In Africa

Bitcoin use cases and tools across the continent differ from the West. We have compiled a number of our favorite Africa based resources to help you on your Bitcoin learning journey. 

Bitcoin is changing the world. Africa will lead the way.

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